EVENT RECAP: Think Clear by Feeding the Second Brain – Your Gut!

On January 30th, IPWS hosted an intriguing event about the strong connection between nutrition and leadership: Biohacking: Think Clear by Feeding the Second Brain – Your Gut! Expert speakers Kimberly Ashton and Stéfanie Vallée talked about the science behind how nutrition affects key leadership characteristics and influences productivity, focus and energy.

Our lovely speakers were kind enough to also share a short summary of their presentations below, helping our entire community understand the effects nutrition can have on your body and brain, and how you can start transforming yourself mentally and physically to feel and present the best version of yourself!

Stefanie’s half covered how food and leadership are interconnected and badly impacted by body inflammation levels, which are causing behaviours and mental states such as: irritability, lack of focus, depression. “Eat whole alive food high in nutrients” she mentioned, “chew 30-50 times to excerpt all of its power, give your body what it needs to stay in a “winning zone” and Be The Leader of Your Own Plate!”

Kimberly shared the importance of digestion from inside out, how our digestive system optimally functions and how to rebalance, repair and reboost through healthy food. Kimberly’s talk also emphasized the importance of holistic health and the many external & internal factors that include; physical and emotional triggers and top tips for brain foods including omega-3, also reducing dampness and IBS symptoms.

Brain Food Key Reminders:

  • Good digestion is key – chew 30-50x!
  • Omega – 3 fatty oils -Walnuts, nuts & seeds
  • Zinc, B12 & B vitamins in general
  • High mineral foods – Himalayan Salt is best!
  • Relaxing, seasonal food & slow cooking
  • Avoid stimulating ingredients like MSG – disruptive & addictive

“It was a pleasure for us to meet you all at IPWS! We hope you’ve started following our tips to optimize your health and leadership focus!”
— Stefanie & Kimberly

See Kimberly’s full presentation here. Get in touch with Kimberly and Stefanie through WeChat:

A big thank you to Kimberly and Stefanie, everyone who attended, and also to Chin Chin by Wheat for hosting us in their wonderful space on Fumin Road!

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