EVENT RECAP: ABCD of Mindfulness Training

Last week on November 30th, IPWS was delighted to slow down for an evening of engaging mindfulness training with Brandon Mehrgut, Senior Trainer at Potential Project and Founder of Shanghai Mindfulness. During the workshop, Brandon discussed the ideas and techniques of how Mindfulness Training can help you or your organization achieve strategic objectives by enhancing performance, creativity and resilience.

In order to help our community become less stressed, more productive and mindful, Brandon shares the ABCD of Mindfulness Training below. Remember, with Mindfulness Training the keyword is “training” – The more you do it, the more benefits you will receive. For maximum return on investment, set aside 10 minutes each morning to do this mindfulness training technique:

A – Eyes shut or slightly open. Breathe through the nose. Relaxed neck, shoulders, and arms. Straight relaxed back. Grounded Balance.

B – Let your breath be your focus anchor. Focus on your nose or belly. Observe your breath naturally.

C – Count the breath from 1 to 10 and then back down from 10 to 1. Repeat this cycle.

D – Know, gently dealing with distractions is a large part of mindfulness training. As distractions arise, relax, release, and return back to the breath.


While bringing Mindfulness to Work, there are a few tips we can use for staying One Second Ahead. Give the infographic below a look to start implementing these techniques at your work today.


A big thank you to Brandon Mehrgut and Potential Project for facilitating the workshop, to MIXPACE for hosting us in their wonderful Huaihai Road co-working space, and to everyone who attended! 

For any questions or more information on the workshop, Mindfulness Training or Potential Project, Brandon kindly invites you to reach out him anytime:
WeChat ID: bmehrg
Email: brandon.mehrgut@potentialproject.com.cn
Website: Potential.Project.com.cn

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