5 Minutes With… IPWS President Amanda Argentieri

In our 5 Minutes With… series, we’re speaking to remarkable women about their career highlights, challenges, who they admire and advice they have for other women. 

In this edition of 5 Minutes With… IPWS Board Member & President, Amanda Argentieri!

What’s your name? What do you do, and how long have you been in Shanghai? 
Amanda Argentieri, and my Chinese name is简·爱 . I am currently the Business Policies, Training and Communication Manager for Global Business Operations at a U.S.-based technology company called PTC. I am also a U.S.-licensed attorney, and practiced as a defense litigator in Boston prior to moving to Shanghai just about four years ago.

What do you think is unique about being a professional woman in Shanghai?
Shanghai is such an exciting place to be a professional woman. I’ve had opportunities here to develop my career path in ways that may not have been possible at home. This city is teeming with open doors, fresh ideas, inspiring individuals, invigorating events, and amazing success stories.

My biggest career challenge has been… 
To stop introducing myself as a lawyer! (See, I still mentioned it above). It’s really hard to let go of that title because it was such a big part of my life and education. It has certainly been a challenge transitioning from the litigation firm environment to the corporate world, but I know that I made the right decision and I am thankful to be able to broaden my horizons in the business realm. I still use the skills I developed as an attorney on a daily basis in my work and keep my licenses active in case my career path leads me back to the courtroom.

My advice to other female professionals in Shanghai is… 
At some point, you are probably going to get discouraged, be disheartened, or feel like you’ve lost direction. Those are the times when you should really take advantage of the great networks and initiatives that Shanghai has to offer. There are mentorship programs, professional organizations, personal development activities, volunteer opportunities, social groups, and so much more. Get plugged in, get connected, know what you want to achieve and leverage the amazing resources in this city to get you there.

A work or career highlight has been… 
Clerking for a Justice of the Supreme Court in my home state of Rhode Island. As the highest court in the state, the judges had a final say on all appeals from criminal cases to family law matters to civil disputes. I was able to work closely with the judge in drafting opinions and decisions, and work in a beautiful historic courthouse behind the scenes.

What I like most about my current position is… 
My current position is global, meaning I work with leaders and teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It’s also multi-faceted, allowing me to focus in three areas: policy management, training and corporate communications. It makes every day different and keeps things interesting.

The career woman I admire most is… 
My mother, who has been a great role model for me. Her work ethic is impeccable. She
graduated top of her class, put herself through college and postgraduate school, and worked as a teacher and librarian in one of the roughest cities in my state for over 30 years. She also worked part time jobs to help put my brother and I through private school, and to support my dad in his small business. All this while volunteering on Boards, helping the elderly in our community, and raising a family.

I am passionate about… 
Discovering new experiences, places and people. I love to travel, volunteer, and spend time with the amazing friends and family members who have influenced my life. Of course one of my passions is volunteering with IPWS, and supporting this community that has helped me tremendously during my time in Shanghai.

Amanda Argentieri (third from the right) with IPWS Board of Directors.