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We can’t live without being digitally connected in Shanghai, and as a part of the IPWS community, you have multiple options on staying updated on everything IPWS related! IPWS aims to provide many different platforms to connect, build networks, while fostering personal and professional growth, and throughout the past year, we’ve continued to make sure our communications channels reflect our growing & evolving international professional community.

So we’d love to share our news and events with you in all the ways you like, whether that’s reading a newsletter on email, or scrolling down your favorite social media feed. Find IPWS on all the platforms below, and additionally you’ll of course find all the latest information and upcoming events right here on our website,

These days it’s hard to imagine China without WeChat. IPWS has of course embraced this fantastic, diverse platform, as it is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with our community in Shanghai and beyond. Once or twice a week, you can expect IPWS messages via our official subscription account (which has grown to over 2000 followers in one year!), as we post about upcoming events, recaps and photos from past events, and relevant news and articles to help your professional life in Shanghai.

If you’re new to Wechat, download the app from your app store and sign yourself up. Once you have your account, click the ‘+’ in the top right hand corner, and select ‘Scan QR Code’. Hold your phone on the QR code on the right and follow IPWS directly! If you’d like to join further IPWS WeChat groups for interesting discussions and information for professional women in Shanghai, email and we can add you into a new conversation space.

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IPWS can of course be found on the go-to platform for career building and networking. You can connect with us on our

  • IPWS Company page found here, and on our
  • IPWS Group to interact with our 700+ members found here

Feel free to follow and join, and we’re looking towards the group page as being the conversation starter. If you’ve got interesting and relevant articles or topics to share – especially related to professional women in Shanghai – share away! We will also be sharing upcoming events and latest news from the IPWS Community here.

As an International organisation, IPWS is also active on Facebook. Follow our page here for updates about our news and events, photographs and articles from and for our professional women’s community.

As an international platform for connecting professional women here in Shanghai, IPWS is loving Instagram and we plan to #hashtag our way into the global community by supporting, connecting & empowering women. We share photos from events, from behind the scenes, of members of our community, our beautiful city, and anything visually inspiring for professional women in Shanghai and beyond. Follow us at @IPWSconnect and make sure to share our hashtag #ipwsconnect.