New to Shanghai? See 5 Necessities Every Foreigner Living In Shanghai Should Have

This month, IPWS annual sponsor, Epermarket, helps us welcome all newcomers to Shanghai with their tips on 5 must-haves for life in the city. Epermarket is an online expat supermarket that offers over 7,000 products from reliable brands from around the world at diverse price ranges to be delivered directly to your doorstep. 

Everybody who has moved to Shanghai can attest – there are just certain things that we couldn’t live without. For those of you who are new to Shanghai and aren’t sure where and how to start settling in, here are 5 must-haves to help you get a head start with your new life:

1. Rice Cookers – When in China, do as the Chinese, and that includes discovering the wonders of a rice cooker. Obviously, rice cookers were originally created for – well… cooking rice, but creative cooks have gotten familiar with this small appliance to the point where just about anything nowadays can be made in it, such as oatmeal, quinoa, eggs, even mac and cheese!

2. Air & Water Purifiers –Living in Shanghai is fantastic, but living in such a large metropolis comes with a few unwanted things, like pollution. Not only do purifiers keep the air and water clean inside your home by filtering out dust, smog, allergens and other things you’d prefer to not have hanging around, but they can vastly improve the quality of your home life. Love the outdoors? There even are face masks especially designed for sports, so you can breathe easy while enjoying your favorite activities!

3. Mosquito Repellent –Shanghai mosquitoes must be part vampire, because they’re lightning-quick and voracious little buggers. When heading outdoors, always make sure that you have a bottle of good-quality mosquito repellent; otherwise you’re going to be a delicious feast for the skeeters.

4. Hand Sanitizer – Let’s face it: we’ve all had that moment when we touched something that left us feeling a little less than clean. It’s at that exact moment we are thanking our lucky stars that we had the foresight to throw in that bottle of hand-sanitizer in our bag at the last second as we headed out the door.

5. A Great Online Grocery Delivery Service – Your days of sweating it out while carrying your groceries home – and cursing that last block of cheese that you impulsively threw in your shopping basket – are over. Epermarket not only carries a great selection of fresh produce, specialty cheeses, pantry favorites, home care products, and everything else you could possibly need, but also provides a convenient online solution to grocery shopping. Gone are the days going and getting your groceries, have your groceries to come to you instead!

Epermarket is your online expat supermarket, where you can find the products and brands you miss, from a place you can trust. ISO 9001 certified, they also routinely test their fresh products with SGS. Choose from over 7,000 international and everyday products at diverse price ranges and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. They make grocery shopping even easier – and also your life!