IPWS AGA and Annual Report 2016-2017

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Annual General Assembly (AGA) earlier this week to celebrate a wildly successful 2016-2017 season! Besides being a fantastic opportunity to network, meet friends and make valuable new connections, the AGA also serves as IPWS’ official annual meeting, where IPWS members have the chance to vote and confirm the proposed Board of Directors for the upcoming term.

Per a successful vote, the following candidates were confirmed as Board Members for the 2017-2018 term by IPWS Members present at the AGA:

  • President – Amanda Argentieri, USA
  • Vice President – Amelia Chappelow, Australia
  • Administration & Finance – Kay Yin, Taiwan
  • Events – Vanessa Narvios, USA
  • Marketing & Communication – Jenna Ohrnberg, Finland
  • Marketing & Communication – Rachel Daydou, France
  • Membership – Ellen Aichelmann, Germany
  • Partnership – Margie Chiang, USA
  • Sponsorship – Kristen Stanley, USA

As a non-profit community organisation run by a volunteer Board of Directors, IPWS continues to focus on quality and transparency, and we have again this year released the IPWS Annual Report 2016-2017 with key figures and information from the past term.

Earlier in the summer, IPWS also hosted White Party Fundraising Event to raise funds for our beneficiary, the World Academy for the Future of Women. During the AGA, we had the great pleasure to present the World Academy with a remarkable 35,000 RMB raised!

A sincere thank you from the IPWS Board of Directors to our members, friends, sponsors, partners, and the entire community for a wonderful Annual General Assembly and year 2016-2017. We look forward to making the 2017-2018 season even more memorable, so stay tuned and see you then!