Become a Mentor at Mentor Walks

Every year from March to November, IPWS works in partnership with Shanghai chapters of AmCham, AustCham, BritCham and M on the Bund to bring you the very popular Mentor Walks Shanghai.

Mentor Walks is an informal, non-structured monthly gathering, which brings together established women leaders and emerging women leaders in our community to connect, learn, mentor and share experiences during a casual early morning walk.

We are currently looking for new Mentors to occasionally join the program. Read the FAQ below, and join us in giving back to our unique Shanghai community of professional women!

FAQ – Mentoring at Mentor Walks

How does Mentor Walks work?
Every month, Mentors and Mentees sign up in advance to participate in the walk. Everyone meets at the set location for a briefing, and then breaks into smaller groups of 1 Mentor and 2-4 Mentees, and head off to walk for approximately an hour. Each year, the Mentor Walks kick off in March and close in November with a larger Mentor and Mentee gathering.

Who can become a Mentor?
Mentors are women at the top of their fields. Whether in senior management in a major company, a thought leader, a business owner, or simply a force of nature in their professions, they’ve worked hard to get where they are and are high achievers. With their experience, they are role models to other inspired women in our community. We hope the Mentors can provide Mentees with an open ear, honest feedback and meaningful guidance.

How often am I expected to Mentor?
As a Mentor, participation can be a one-time engagement, or a monthly commitment. Or anywhere in between. We welcome Mentors at the level of commitment that works with their schedule. We finalize Mentors 2 weeks prior to each walk, and would like to confirm Mentor participation at that time. If you cannot commit that far in advance, we understand; but please don’t let that stop you from joining us! The more Mentors we have signed up for a walk, the better the overall experience will be, and we can also sign up more Mentees.

Please note that each Mentor Walk is a one-off dialogue and Mentors are not expected to follow up or remain in contact with Mentees. Mentors are not obligated to provide business cards or facilitate further connections for Mentees beyond the advisory role provided at the Mentor Walk. All Mentors and Mentees are of course welcome to build their own relationships and keep in touch as they wish.

How can I apply to become a Mentor?
Please send an email to Margie at to receive the Mentor Application Form. Submitted applications are then reviewed and approved by the Mentor Walks Organizing Committee.

Who can participate as a Mentee?
Mentees are either in their early professional years, have been in their career for a number of years now, or are entrepreneurs looking to learn from other inspiring women. Mentees may be hitting their stride professionally, are becoming a key contributor to their company, or growing their experience and expertise. Mentees are not high school or university students, but rather professionals making their mark in the working world.

Mentor Walk testimonials from previous Mentors: 

Therese Healy, Consul General of Ireland to Shanghai:

I’ve been a mentor at Mentor Walks for the past two years. My schedule, like so many professionals in Shanghai, is quite hectic, but I make time for this programme because I believe in the relevance of the programme to mentees. It also gives me great insights into the working lives and dreams of young professionals here, as well as the cold realities of the market. From my experience, many mentees just need a little encouragement to stretch their boundaries, tackle difficult issues in the workplace which have been preying on their minds, understand more about effective networking and communication, and explore new career paths. Being part of that formulation of their careers and growth in self-confidence is a wonderful experience. I always feel invigorated after the Mentor Walk, both for the lively discussions and the exercise! Whether you are a professional in the private or public sector your contribution to this Programme and to each young women involved will be so valuable and appreciated.

Karen Surmon, Trade Commissioner (Innovation) & Commercial Consul, Shanghai, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade):

Mentoring gives you the chance to share your professional experience with the next generation of business leaders, and also gives you a chance to learn! I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet young Chinese and international women at different stages of their career, coming together in shanghai with a common goal – to learn by listening to one another in a friendly and supportive environment. I get back as much as I give.


We hope to see many new Mentors join us at the next Mentor Walks in the morning of November 11th! Reach out to to receive your Mentor Application Form, or contact us with any questions you may have about mentoring at Mentor Walks.

Upcoming walks:
Saturday, 11 November: M on the Bund, 9:30 am-11:30 am (Event post here)