Tips on Leading High-Performance Teams

IPWS annual sponsor TCT’s Founder & Management Consultant Vincent Ho (picture below at the 2017 IPWS Leadership Summit) has gathered some leadership ideas for us to consider over the summer holidays, especially for those currently in leadership roles.

“No, I can’t do it.”, “No, I won’t be able to do it.”, “I don’t think I can do it.”

How many times as a manager have you heard your team members telling you the above-mentioned when you assign tasks to them? What do you think are the real reasons? How can you motivate and lead them as “high-performance” teams?

Let’s consider “Pendulum Theory” for a moment. Maybe you have invested a lot of time and effort to groom “high-performance” teams? The more time and effort you invest in grooming these teams, the higher the R.O.I. (Return-On-Investment). On the other hand, some of us may have children and you could consider a similar philosophy applies to parents and children too. Children feel motivated when their parents invest time and effort grooming them. As managers, we invest time coaching and motivating (especially “non-economical” motivation) our team members. Various team members need and respond to different motivation however, and there are various “motivation” models.

You can try giving your team members “accountability” by letting them be accountable for their own tasks, actions and co-relating motivation. Try using our “C.R.O.W.” Model :

C Competency / Skills Set

R Resources

O Opportunities

W Working Conditions

Additionally, with the “C.R.O.W.” Model you may consider the following “3 S” method:

S Structure

S System

S Standards

There are various models, theory and skills we can use to help us groom and lead “high-performance” teams and they all need us to invest our time and efforts. What are you waiting for? Start thinking and investing and I wish you high R.O.I. with your investment.

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TCT Singapore is a member of STADA, the Singapore Training and Development Association, and SCBA; making it a recognizable, professional, and trustworthy organization. It’s founder Vincent Ho is passionate and experienced professional with an MBA from the University of Australia. He has been a guest speaker at multiple events around Asia and is sought after for his expertise in the field.