Announcing the IPWS Leadership Summit 2017

We are excited to announce the IPWS Leadership Summit will return this year, and YOU’RE INVITED!

IPWS is proud to bring you a professional & personal development experience like no other in Shanghai! You will meet and network with China’s top leaders at the IPWS Leadership Summit 2017, featuring dynamic speakers and innovative workshops exploring this year’s theme: Understanding Power & Leadership: A Roadmap to Success.

And just like last year, the IPWS Leadership Summit will also feature the Women Leadership Awards!

What is a Leadership Summit?

As we know from last year’s inaugural Leadership Summit, this event will be a meeting of leaders and influencers from different walks of life, with the aim to celebrate the role models in Business, Innovation, Entrepreneurial & Social Contribution

The program will continue to be rich in active conferencing, engaging & inspiring speakers addressing the theme of power, leadership and making a positive impact in their life and the world, all while hearing about the finalists of the Women Leadership Awards and their stories.

What is the theme?

“Understanding Power & Leadership: A Road Map to Success”.

IPWS Board of Directors decided to curate the Summit agenda around this theme following on from last year’s roadmap of “Embracing the Changing Nature of Leadership”. On the global stage, we’ve seen the United Nations highlight gender equality & women’s empowerment as one of the ’17 Goals to Transform Our World’ and many researchers pointing out Gender & Corporate Social Responsibilities is a matter of sustainability. This June, IPWS will bring together the best thinkers & leaders in our community to continue these discussions. Through a carefully curated program, the IPWS Leadership Summit will provide opportunities to participate to learn more of how power is ultimately about making a (positive) difference in the world. How can we understand power and leadership for ourselves and others? What choices can we make now to affect our future and what skills should we rely on and what skills should we grow as we head towards becoming the leaders of tomorrow? How can you seize POWER by identifying your strength, understanding your barriers and persistently taking it?

Who will be there?

Business Leaders, IPWS exisiting community and anyone else keen to join this unique opportunity, the Women Leadership Awards 2017 Finalist and the WLA Jury Panel. The WLA recognises professional women who have emerged as leaders in their field. As leaders, these inspiring women (and men) have made a marked difference in our communities and have forged paths for others to follow. You’ll meet friends and colleagues from within the IPWS community existing & new, chat with the top professional men and women in Shanghai, connect with our IPWS sponsors & partners and be inspired with personal & professional development coaches and some fun workshop professionals!

Why should I come along?

You’ll have a professional & personal development experience like no other in Shanghai. IPWS will host an afternoon of innovative & insightful workshops and presentations, while giving you a chance to rub shoulders with the best Leaders of our community. Throughout the program, we’ll honour & celebrate the winners of the Women Leadership Awards 2017. And we’ll throw you an After Party for some great & relaxed networking on the rooftop!

Can I bring all my friends & colleagues?

Of course! Book now, so you and your colleagues can confirm you place!

The Leadership Summit is open to everyone; women and men, for IPWS is an inclusive community group, and our events reflect all industries, all nationalities, age, and all levels of professional experiences.

Where is it?

The Place, a modern space on the rooftop of 457 Jumen Lu, south of Xintiandi in Huangpu. The Place is the perfect setting for a modern conference with open rooftop garden for networking and with a naturally lit warehouse space; it’s a wonderful backdrop to the innovative & leadership discussions! Enter the large laneway from 457 Jumen Lu, head straight and find the lifts inside to the left, press R for rooftop, and the IPWS Leadership Summit registration desk will welcome you on arrival.

When is it?

It’s Friday 2nd June, with registration from 12 noon at Level R for Rooftop at The Place. Join us from 12 o’clock for a light tea & coffee networking, with the Official Agenda starting from 1.30pm – 6pm.

Registration is open now, please see our Women Leadership Awards & IPWS Leadership Summit registration page for all the details and for the full program agenda read more here.

Or if you have any questions, send us an email but:

RSVP NOW! See you there!

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