IPWS Event Covered by the Global Times

Earlier this month, IPWS hosted an interesting career transition event with Expat Neighbours founder Evrim Kanbur, and the event was covered by the Global Times. Evrim spoke on her career change from corporate to entrepreneur and how she know manages a tech team, without any tech background herself.

As many of us professional women will shift roles, jobs and countries many times through our lives in the modern employment world, there will most likely be a time where we’re working with (and even managing!) teams of tech professionals. Evrim’s experience offered us a different perspective through her own career transition, and some ways she handled the process.


You can read more from Global Times Journalist Wang Han here, but here’s an excerpt from the article:

One attendee Tamer Sara Salant, a financial adviser based in Shanghai, said she appreciated the tips shared by the speaker and was inspired by her energy. “I think the way she is expressing things, not just practical advice, but also the energy, is helpful to us,” she said.


“A lot of what she was saying was also problems I have had in the past and at the moment. Her words gave me strength and patience,” Salant said.


American Margie Chiang, a board member of IPWS, explained the reasons for holding the event. “Many of us are working in industries and roles that require the ability to have a strong working relationship with a tech team – especially the marketers – yet many of us do not have a tech-heavy background.”


“Therefore, we invited Evrim to join us to explain how she pivoted from a traditional work background into a tech entrepreneur at Expat Neighbors,” Chiang said.