IPWS Member of the Month: Meet Aline Jolly

International Professional Women’s Society (IPWS) community invites an extraordinary member to share their story each month, so we’ve invited Aline Jolly to share about her life for February! alinejolly

Aline Jolly joined IPWS a month after she arrived in Shanghai in September 2016. Before she moved to Shanghai, she was working as Head of IM Operations at AXA Group in France. As she wanted to offer her family the possibility of a great adventure abroad, Aline left her job and moved with her family to Shanghai, this international and dynamic city.

With a new and exciting journey ahead of her in Shanghai, Aline started the job as a consultant at Copers French Executive Search Company, specializing in recruiting high potentials in developing countries.

The first step is usually the hardest for Aline, for going to a networking event is usually not her ‘cup of tea’, and it was also not easy for her to find a job in the middle of August when most professionals were on holiday. Many professionals know that the hardest time living in this fast-moving city is the first couple of months, especially for those who are still in the job market. Even though Aline uses the word ‘lucky’ to describe the job she found in the end, we know it’s not only because of luck, but her efforts!

Since Aline said networking is not usually her thing, we are wondering why she joined IPWS the second month after arriving in Shanghai. “To get to know the Chinese employment market better,” Aline said, “ And to have the opportunity to exchange with smart and international people.”

Moving halfway around the world, learning the culture and market is the first step. She saw that the purpose of her networking was to meet amazing people and sharing resources in this constantly changing environment.

“I think that gives you the chance to get a broader picture as we meet with people who have various experiences and expertise.” Aline knows that there is always something new to learn. Connecting with the right people in the appropriate circles can lead you to the place you want to be. People who are living in Shanghai have the same feeling: we never know who we will meet and what will happen next.

As a newcomer to Shanghai, Aline uses her own experience to give advice to others. “It is a smart move to enroll with IPWS as it’s a great network, offering you the possibility to meet with various people from all over the world, working in various fields,” she said. Many people “arrived years ago or only a few days ago in Shanghai [but they all] welcome you in a great & very friendly atmosphere.” Meeting with different people and sharing different ideas allows you to see the paths other women in various fields have taken, which can give you ideas about the ways you can navigate your career and life going forward.

Aline hopes IPWS will continue to organise various kinds of events, not only Mentor Walks and panel discussions in the evening, but some workshops as well. Stay tuned to our event calendar or sign up below to the IPWS newsletter for more.

Thanks to Aline for her sharing and it’s our great pleasure to have her in our powerful society! If you’re interested in other amazing women like Aline, please click here to read more Members of the Month or join as the Member of IPWS!