3 Key Presentation Skills that Everyone Should Have

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IPWS’ latest annual sponsor, TCT Singapore, is a company providing a high level of training, consulting and talent management to their clients. This month, they are sharing their insights on key presentation skills that can often make or break any presentation.

Many people find public speaking daunting and for many who are naturally shy, even speaking with colleagues proactively can seem like a challenge. You may find yourself becoming very nervous when speaking at meetings, and this can in turn affect your colleagues’ (and your boss’) impression of you. Training programs can assist in improving presentation skills and jumpstart a more confident and charismatic you. The most important aspects of public speaking evolve around showing self-confidence, logical thinking and effective management meeting skills.

Always remember these 3 key presentation skills that every professional woman needs in her arsenal.

1. Exposure
The ability to show inner presentation competency and to demonstrate you are someone who is driven and willing to take risks.

2. Confidence
The ability to gain an audience’s trust and recognition, while showing you understand and believe in your own message.

3. Charisma
The ability to express yourself more clearly and logically.

Remember that practice and preparation are the most effective ways to improve your public speaking skills. In a competitive work environment, these skills are key to gaining an edge in the workplace and gaining respect from your peers.

If you find yourself struggling with presentation skills, TCT Singapore provides training courses to help. Contact Vincent for more information at :


TCT Singapore was incorporated in Singapore in 2000 and in Shanghai in 2013 and works to provide a high level of training, consulting, and talent management to their clients. Covering a wide range of a client base, most identify as local SMEs, public-listed companies, SOEs, MNCs, or multi-national corporations. Read more about TCT Singapore here.

Author: Vincent Ho (MBA; DipM ACIM), Principal Consultant
TCT Singapore

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