Tips to Jumpstart Your Work Efficiency


IPWS members and supporters joined together at Hult International Business School on the evening of December 13th to learn more about one of the latest buzz topics for both professional and personal development – human energy management; a way to jumpstart your career & life efficiency.

During this event, Rick Xu of Zenith Advisory guided the group through the foundational aspects of this interesting topic in an inspiring modern classroom setting, with nutritious meals provided by Saucepan and delicious wines by Laowines. Participants learned how to jump start both work and personal efficiency by managing the different levels of our individual energies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As Rick explained, by understanding and managing the growth, quality, quantity, power and direction of these energies (rather than managing time), each of us can achieve high performance at sustained levels.

Attendees left the event feeling “energized,” inspired, and equipped with tips on implementing human energy management into their daily lives. And for those of you wanting to follow up and adapt some of these techniques in 2017, Rick has put together his notes from the evening into a PDF, so please click below for the workshop information:

IPWS Human Energy Management Workshop (7.4MB)