Top 3 Tips on Entrepreneuring in Shanghai



Tomorrow, IPWS hosts a roundtable discussion with 9 established entrepreneurs of Shanghai… called ‘Becoming an Entrepreneur in Shanghai: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly‘ and to get in the mood, we’ve asked two of the guest speakers for THREE tips on becoming an entrepreneur in Shanghai…


camdenbwCamden Hauge – Owner & Operator – Egg (cafe pictured above!) & Founder of Shanghai Supper Club

Camden’s top 3 tips for becoming an entrepreneur in Shanghai:

  1. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working towards it.
  2. Anything is possible, but everything is difficult – just keep hustling (especially here in China!)
  3. Don’t forget to make time to take care of yourself! (I can’t say I’m very good at this one, but I’m working on it!)





Jonathan Ensslen – CEO, Clear Cut Corporation jonathanbw

  1. Take small steps, don’t think of building the HUGE business just yet, just pick a business that makes money up front. Many of the world’s billionaires have started hundreds of businesses, not just one.
  2. Start in an area that you’re familiar with… but don’t think you know everything about that area… solve problems your customers have, not problems from your personal experience.
  3. Be aware of the risks, a lot of people fail because they run out of money, think about the money and time involved… double or triple the costs & time just to be sure… Have the right resources up front to be successful.

We’ll see you tomorrow night, be sure to RSVP to get your spot.