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IPWS at POP September 2016

We can’t live without being digitally connected in Shanghai and without a doubt it’s such a beautiful city for taking photos at stunning venues to share with friends. IPWS aims to provide many different platforms to connect, build networks, while fostering personal and professional growth and throughout 2016 we’ve expanded our communications channels to reflect our growing & evolving professional community.

So we’d love to share our news & events with you, in all the ways you like to get your news and information while in Shanghai! Whether you love reading a newsletter email or scrolling through various social media, you’ll see IPWS there.

IPWS_QRcode1. Wechat

Of course you can find IPWS on Wechat; it’s one of the most popular news & messaging apps in China, and the best way to connect in so many ways as soon as you hit the ground in Shanghai. Once or twice a week you can expect IPWS messages via our subscription account, as we update our regular events and post news about our members and articles to help your professional life in Shanghai.

If you’re new to Wechat, download it from your app store, sign yourself up… and then click the ‘+’ in the right hand top corner, and select ‘Scan QR Code’. You can hold your phone on the QR code here and follow IPWS directly! If you’d like to join further IPWS wechat groups, email and we can add you into a new conversation space.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-4-24-06-pm2. Facebook

As an International organisation, IPWS is across Facebook and you’ll see updates about our news & events, photographs and galleries from all over Shanghai and we’ll share other stories that we love from this city, but always keeping across our professional women’s community and balancing out what’s important to you & your working life.

3. Email Newsletter

Each month we send out an IPWS Newsletter plus a handful of Event Details, so sign up below, and get on the distribution list for all the latest news straight to your inbox!

4. LinkedIn

As LinkedIn is the ‘go to’ website for career building & networking, IPWS has a ‘company’ page ( and an ‘IPWS Group‘ page… feel free to follow & join, yet we’re looking toward the group page as being the conversational starter… if you’ve got some articles or topics to share – especially work related news in Shanghai – share away!

5. Twitter

We’ve just launched our IPWS Twitter account, to keep the international social media community up to date with our themes & community happenings. For while we’re based in Shanghai, IPWS is a global organisation.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-4-32-56-pm6. Instagram

@IPWSconnect – We’re now on Instagram! As an international platform for connecting professional women here in Shanghai, IPWS joins Instagram and we plan to #hashtag our way into the global community by supporting, connecting & empowering women. We follow some inspiring women’s organisations from around the world and repost some of the best professional Shanghai based female photographers. Following us on Instagram, you’ll catch up on news and events, but behind the scenes photos from events, with a little live streaming here and there. We want to share Shanghai with the world, and all the great work you’re doing as a professional women in this great city. If you want to tag us or share our hashtag #ipwsconnect, you’ll also join in our conversation in that classic visual Instagrammy way.

7. Meet Up

One of the first places new arrivals look when moving to a city is Meet Up… it’s now a global events & group digital community that aims to connect people with their passions and meet up face to face with regular events, whatever you hobby or interest. In the last year, IPWS joined as the groups began to grow in Shanghai, especially toward professional & personal development & training… this fits with our mission, so if you like Meet Up as an event platform, meet up with us & our group over there.