Welcome Epermarket! A New IPWS Sponsor

IPWS is so happy to introduce Epermarket as our newest annual sponsor and today we’d like to share a little more about the online supermarket that makes life in Shanghai easy and delicious!

Jean-Yves LuJean Yves Lu is the founder and CEO of Epermarket, an online supermarket that focuses on providing expats in Shanghai and surrounding areas with safe, high-quality groceries.

It Started With an Idea

After living and working in France for many years, Jean Yves decided to move himself and his family back to China. Upon returning, he became genuinely concerned about food quality and was dissatisfied with what was available on the market. He soon found out that he was not alone and was determined to find a way to provide expat families like his own with safe, healthy, affordable food and products.

Started in 2011 with only 17 employees and 300 products, Epermarket has quickly grown over the years into a full scale operation with over 130 employees, a website in 4 different languages and over 7,000 of the best products from around the world.

From the very beginning, Jean Yves has always insisted on always being the very best. Epermarket only works with suppliers who not only have the appropriate business licenses and certificates, but a respect for quality and safety as well. For Jean Yves Lu, Epermarket’s slogan, ‘Better Quality, Better Life’ is not just about food, it’s because he understands that high-quality, safe food and products are essential to a better life in China.

What’s the best thing about working & living in Shanghai?

It’s a tie between opportunities and convenience. Shanghai offers such a wide range of different companies and industries to choose from, that the possibilities for a successful career here are endless. For living, you really can’t compare the level of convenience and service that we are offered in Shanghai to many places. Easy access to transportation and drivers, free deliveries, and the latest online shopping trends and technologies – our options are just growing every day. You can even pay for dinner and buy a movie ticket without pulling out your wallet, it’s incredible.

What advice do you always recommend to newcomers to Shanghai?

  • The city is not so big and foreign once you get to know it. You will be surprised once you start finding familiar things from your home country!
  • Take precautions to protect you and your family from some of the unique challenges of Shanghai, like air pollution and food safety.
  • Embrace it! Shanghai can be a challenge at times, but take some time to explore the city because it has a lot to offer. You’ll find that you have unique opportunities to try different foods and make new friends from around the world because it is such an international city.

Epermarket_full logo blackEpermarket is your online expat supermarket, where you can find the products and brands you miss from a place you trust. ISO 9001 certified, they also test their fresh products with SGS, and run their own organic farm, Eperfarm. Select from over 7,000 products from around the world at diverse price ranges to be delivered directly to your doorstep.