5 Minutes With… Therese Healy – Irish Consul General

In our “5 Minutes With…” series, we’re speaking to remarkable women about their career highlights, challenges, who they admire and advice they have for other women. IPWS is one of Shanghai’s longest running groups for professional women of all industries and career stages, and it’s our mission to connect the unconnected and empower women from all walks of life in our community.

Therese Healy

Therese Healy

In this first edition of 5 Minutes With…, we’re featuring Therese Healy, Consul General at the Consulate General of Ireland. We were fortunate to host her at Navigating Borders: Women on the International Stage event on October 19. Read on!

My biggest career challenge was:  Dealing with an old-fashioned department that had yet to change.

My advice to female young professionals is: Be strategic, and don’t hold back.

My career highlight was: Tracking down the family of a deceased Irish person, when no one else could.

What I like most about my current job is: I’m the boss.

The career woman I admire is: I admire Mary Robinson’s career, the former president of Ireland.

I am passionate about: Not short-changing my ministry, and doing my very best every day, and inspiring others to do the same.

Thanks Therese!

We look forward to connecting with more inspiring women through “5 Minutes With…” and hope you will too!

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