5 Minutes With… Eu-Niz Chan, Consul for Economic Policy, Australian Consulate General

In our 5 Minutes With… series, we’re speaking to remarkable women about their career highlights, challenges, who they admire and advice they have for other women. 

In this edition of 5 Minutes With…, we’re featuring Eu-Niz Chan, Consul for Economic Policy at the Australian Consulate General. We were fortunate to host her at Navigating Borders: Women on the International Stage event on October 19. Read on!

Eu-Niz Chan

Eu-Niz Chan

My biggest career hurdle was: Believing that I wasn’t good enough to do something!

My advice to female young professionals is: Keep learning and empower yourself. Find someone you trust and admire, and be liek them

My career highlight was: This event tonight! Sitting on this panel with three other amazing women is a real highlight for me.

What I like most about my current job is: The variety. I get to meet a lot of people, participate in many wonderful events and learn about my host country.

The career woman (or man) I admire is: I admire Bill Gates and Michael Jordan, because they worked and worked and worked until they achieved perfection.

I am passionate about: Cooking!




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