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The World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW) is a bold and daring leadership program focused on developing young women for leadership roles that will address and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose of World Academy is to advance and accelerate women’s leadership worldwide.

Its mission is to empower women through the discovery of their passion, purpose, and path to success, calling forth the full expression of human possibilities through collaborative and inclusive partnerships. Growing from a one-year program for 100 women, into a multi-level, multi-year program, comprising three academies for women, these are the First Year Academy, the Advanced Academy, and the Academy in Action. In 2013, a Men’s Academy for the Future of Women was added, this came as the request from forward thinking male students to prepare them to support the advancement of women.

Graduate with honor - Men's Academy

Students accepted as World Academy members participate 10 to 12 hours each week, in evening sessions, lab classes, open forums, and coaching sessions. In addition, students join teams in one or more of our projects working on different aspects of community improvement. No academic credit is given to World Academy members, nor do they pay any fee to participate in the program. In 2014, the World Academy became a chapter as United Nations ASPIRE network.

WAFW is the charity beneficiary of IPWS, through our inaugural Leadership Summit in 2016 and the Women Leadership Awards Gala in 2015. Last year, WAFW was also one of the charity beneficiaries of Chi Fan for Charity SH, which enabled the Academy to provide their 3rd and 4th year Academy in Action members access to internship opportunity with housing and living stipends in Shanghai and Beijing.

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And read more about the World Academy for the Future of Women here: WAFW 2016. (PDF 17.5 MB)

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