IPWS Sponsor ‘That’s Mandarin’ Celebrates 10 Years


IPWS have welcomed That’s Mandarin as an annual sponsor for a number of years, and wish all the team & their students a Happy 10th Birthday! To celebrate, That’s Mandarin has a special gift for IPWS Members, read on!

That’s Mandarin was founded in 2005 by a former Chinese teacher who taught foreigners in a local university and through private lessons. He noticed that students struggled with the traditional textbook learning method, which made Chinese language uninspiring and uninteresting. This motivated him to create Link Word, an innovative teaching method which can tremendously improve the rate of new vocabulary retention, and Story Telling which helps students learn and remember Chinese sentence structures and phrases. The two methods proved to be very effective and received great feedbacks from students. They are able to develop better Chinese skills in a shorter period of time.

As one of the former students put it, “I’ve been here [at That’s Mandarin Summer Camp] for two weeks and basically they managed to compile what I’ve done in school for ten years into these two weeks.”

That’s Mandarin recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary. It’s been a long and fulfilling journey, with more students and staff joining the school every year. That’s Mandarin also started a Chinese Summer Camp Program in 2008 for kids and their families. The company is planning to open more schools in China and eventually go global, while keeping the same high quality customer service and Chinese courses.

Special offer:

We’re giving away free classes and up to 40% discount for new students. For IPWS members, we’re providing an additional RMB 500 off our packages.

To get in contact with That’s Mandarin, send them an email info@thatsmandarin.com

Congratulations on 10 years of teaching Mandarin in Shanghai! IPWS thanks That’s Mandarin for their sponsorship!