What is the World Academy for the Future of Women?


The 2016 IPWS Leadership Summit & Women Leadership Awards on Friday 27th May will be supporting World Academy for the Future of Women with a fundraiser on Monday 16th May especially for the charity! The World Academy for the Future of Women is a leadership program that focuses on developing young female students for leadership roles and it’s objective is to advance and accelerate women’s leadership worldwide and empower young women to discover their purpose and path to success. It’s been running at Sias International University since 2009 and has strong connections all around the world!

Throughout the Board Year, IPWS has been joined by Susanna Ma who is a World Academy graduate and volunteers her time to work with IPWS Board & the community. You may have seen her smiling face at our events, but today we’ve asked her a little about the World Academy:

When did you first hear about the World Academy?
The first time I heard about the World Academy for the Future Women was when I studied as a Sophomore at Sias International University. I wish I knew it when I was a freshman so I could experience one more year and benefit more from this leadership program.

What did you like best about attending the World Academy?
The unique environment to gain leadership. Not only from an academic side, we also have off-class projects putting students into real leadership practice; a remote mentorship program for members to grow differently, scholarship access for them to intern in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. On the academic side, we have four forms of classes each member has to take every week beyond their school system – evening session, lab, coaching session and open forum.

How is your life different after graduating from the World Academy?
I wouldn’t imagine. I looked back through the email correspondence when I still studied, it’s hard to believe that I didn’t know how to greet properly.

What are some of your fellow graduates doing now after attending the World Academy?
They came from different major backgrounds, and “ended” up at work differently. Some of them pursue their higher education, some of them worked abroad (and others chose to come back), some are helping their family running the business. The industries range from Education to Finance, from Hospitality to International Hospital (nursing major), very dynamic.

What career path do you envision for yourself?
No matter which industry I follow, there will be one same thing I’ll continue as always, empowering women and accelerating women’s leadership. The path might be different than we plan, but the destination is there, I hope we share the same vision and goal, and meet each other in the middle of the road.

How is your career choice different from your parents?
My mom always encourage me to take the opportunity and chase what I want (I’m proud to say that). However, my father wanted me to take it safe, stable, guaranteed, without risk, without opportunity to grow. I guess I’m changing his mind now.

What advice would you share with younger students about the World Academy?
Stand up, make noise, take action. Be grateful for what you could have, and embrace them.


Thank you to Susanna Ma for sharing her experience with World Academy! Do make sure you come along to our fundraiser to support a great educational charity, but see all the upcoming IPWS events here. Susanna, you are a wonderful support to us and we love working with you at IPWS!