Winning the Women’s Leadership Award

Monica Muriel Zurita

While nominations are still open for the 2016 Women Leadership Award (you have until April 29th, after IPWS granted an extension!), we’re anticipating a wealth of incredible nominees! As the WLA has been around for 10 years now, you might be wondering who has won in previous years?

Meet Monica Muriel Zurita, CEO & Founder of Zurita, an eco-friendly affordable clothing brand!

“I won the award a few years ago in the category of Entrepreneur of the Year,” says Monica. “It was obviously a great feeling being recognised by so many people and savouring that little success.”

“It also made my family very happy and it looks great on my CV and LinkedIn Profile.”

Monica was the 2012 Women Leadership Award winner in the field of Entrepreneur, and with over 7 years experience in fashion, investment and digital business industries in China, she also fund-raised 2+MUSD and invested in 15+ start-ups, helping them define their business models, planning strategy and controlling operations at a BoD level prior to her recognition by IPWS.

While the WLA certainly gives the nominees, finalists and winners a different edge in their career journey, Monica reflects on her win as the moment of sharing a new community and support network:

“What I remember the most about my participation is not winning, it’s just being there, surrounded by so many amazing women doing amazing things in all sorts of lines of business, supporting each other’s and sharing experiences and dreams.”

“I was already an entrepreneur at the time,” continues Monica, “and I was in an interesting business, but I haven’t dare yet to pursue my dreams, being part of the event, meeting all of those women who have already taken that step, helped me realised it was time to try to chase my own dreams and in one way or another led me to what Zurita is today, that was the true prize.”

Thank you to Monica for sharing her reflections on her WLA experience! You can visit her Zurita flagship store on Wulumuqi Lu, near Wuyuan Lu – just look across the road from the Avocado Lady!

Last year’s Women Leadership Award Winners were Grace Lin Xu of Viva Nutrition (Entrepreneur), Katia Steilemann (a Lifestyle Consultant, Innovator & Holistic Entrepreneur) and winner of WLA Innovation Award, Kiersten Robinson, Executive Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services (formerly of Ford) was awarded for Professional Excellence.

We congratulated Cindy Shueh Lin, CEO and Board member, Chunhui Bo’Ai Children’s Foundation for her Contribution to Society and gave the WLA Young Professional Excellence Award to Christine Nacnodovitz, Senior Global Project Manager, GSC HR, Schneider Electric. You can read a little more about the WLA history here.

Do you know an inspiring woman who deserves to be recognised? Or perhaps you’re proud of your achievements and deserve the recognition yourself! All nominations are anonymous, so don’t wait for someone else to nominate you – do it yourself! It’s simple and easy to do, via our Women Leadership Awards Nomination Page. You have until April 29th, so add it to your To Do List today!